Third Party Administration

  • Fund Accounting

    Fund Accounting includes Calculation of Fund’s Net Asset Value (NAV) and preparation of Fund’s monthly Balance Sheet and Income Statement. This is the first step in the month end closing process for each fund. At the end of each accounting period we collect the information from the Fund, its prime brokers and the General Partner. Then we make the necessary entries to record all the activity for the month, reconcile cash to custody reports, adjust for the accruals in accordance with US GAAP. Next we calculate the management fees, performance allocation, high water marks and loss carry-forwards in accordance with the Fund’s Limited Partnership Agreement and other governing documents and proceed to the next step – partner allocations or Partnership Accounting.

  • Partnership Accounting

    Partnership Accounting includes allocation of Fund’s income to investors, calculations of investor’s capital balances after management fees and performance allocation, and preparation of monthly Statements of Changes in Partner’s Capital Account.

  • Performance Statistics

    Once Fund and Partnership Accounting are completed, we prepare a summary of the Fund’s gross and net returns for the month, quarter, year, and since inception. Over the years, we have found, that this report is probably the most important to non-accountants. It helps the general partner to make sure that the internal estimates match up to our official returns. It also provides the one snap shot of information the general partner can use to report to various marketing services, websites and of course, to their investors.

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  • Year End Services

    We work directly with the Fund’s auditors and tax preparers to assure timely delivery of the year-end audit and K-1s to the General Partner and to Fund’s investors. If required by the auditors, we can prepare of complete set of financial statements including Condensed Schedule of Investments, Statement of Cash Flows, footnotes and financial highlights. We also provide the auditors with all the necessary support and work papers and answer any accounting questions.

  • Disbursement Agreement

    For our fund administration clients, as part of our service, we can provide independent representation services for disbursement agreements (also known as Bennett letters). We work together with the Fund’s custodian to expedite the payments to the General Partners and its affiliates.

  • Web Based Reporting

    Our fund administration clients can access online monthly or quarterly reports through our secure website. We may also post Fund’s audited financial statements, tax returns, PPM and other related files on the website to give you one central location to keep Fund’s financial information.

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